Thursday, 8 November 2012

Live watercolour paintings 2012 Norfolk Arts awards

While I was sitting in the audience at the 2012 Norfolk art awards at the Hostry festival I decided to whip out my sketch pad and pencils and draw the ceremony. In the front row the Norwich Lord Mayor Ralph Gayton, his wife and a vicar Graham Smith Dean of Norwich.

More front row Norwich celebrities at the Hostry in Norwich Cathedral.

Watercolour painting of Colin Self, opening the black envelope, ready to announce the winner of the visual arts award which went to Chris Kendrick.  

Peter Barrow doing a speech before handing award to young performer Charlie Skinner.

 More awards being dished out like lollies.

Top class creative people all getting awards from talented people.

Henry Layte from the Bookhive giving an award to Ashley Ford and Keiron Pim who wrote best tribute to Ms. Coverley traveller, writer and garden from Suffolk. 

Helen McDermott singing a song and handing out awards.

The Band that played lively music.

More awards from one of the Judges.

The pretty assistant that helped with the awards.

 Wally Web giving out an award the Bo Nanafana night club. 

This could be the owner of Thursford spectacular. John Cushing. Still needs some colour adding and maybe some sparkles.

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