Friday, 15 March 2013

Queer art club launched

Queer art club was launched recently at the Greenhouse trust cafe in Norwich. Shelly Telly and I arrived at the cafe and started to set up the Internet to view the new Queer art website. Wondering with excitement whether anyone would turn up. Then gradually people started to come through the door. We pushed more and more tables together. Our first meeting and we decided on a A5 size of art work that people would donate as payment to join the club. We also came up with some ideas of where we would like the club to go in the future. A few of the club members brought along art work which they past around the table and asked what we thought of it. It was nice to see that we could chat about each others art work. We also came up with a date the 26th of each month to hold the meetings. Were hoping to have people come and have talks and workshops. Tigger said he would help with letter head and would look after club member art work at the Greenhouse. All the notes from the meeting were kindly written up by Shelly Telly. If you would like a copy of them then please do join the Queer art club.

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