Monday, 5 August 2013

Norwich Pride 2013 Part 1

Pride without Prejudice at St. Margaret's church of art. Vince Laws made some work about the new Russian anti gay laws.

The exhibition was on for two weeks and was open to any artists to exhibit their work.

Norwich castle flying the flag. 

Chapelfield gardens the picnic before the parade

1000's of people turned up to be in the parade. They recon it could have been 5000 people but I thought there could have been more then that figure.

Everyone was looking very colourful

People hung out with there close friends and made new ones

 Socialist worker were there and Unions and all the groups that support LGBT community.

 Norwich Pride welcomed the multi-cultural side of Norwich especially ginger Japanese girls.

The crowd all listened to the Signer on stage that signed all the speakers from Mayors to musicians

Everyone was there that supported the LGBT community including there families and friends, workmates, bosses and businesses.

The police were also present and they are very strong about anyone being abusing in the LGBT community by members of the public. Abuse can be reported to the police and the person will be prosecuted. Everyone was on good behaviour on the day and having lots of fun

Rainbow flags were adorned by people in the parade

Some people wore there normal clothes in the parade.

The mobile library was there supporting pride.

Rainbow feather bowers were worn. Parrots wondered where there feathers had gone.

The parade started in the park amongst the trees.

The parade starts moving.

The Mayor and Sheriff hide out at the band stand.

Musicians played


Norwich pride stall

Pride live mobile trolley

Everyone starts to carry the giant rainbow flag. 

Poppy in her dress.

Young ones joined the parade.

All lined up and ready to go

The little flag, flag hat, flag dress and giant flag.

Pink lady and bicycle.


Stuard's helping the parade go the right way.


People waving from the flats above.

Stuard's in pink fluro jackets

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