Monday, 12 August 2013

Sea Side Special Live at the NNUH hospital

Nigel Hogg Musical Director manager of the Cromer Pier Theatre SeaSide Special was taken ill and went in the NNUH hospital. He was so well taken care of by the hospital and staff, he decided to put on a free show at the hospital. I was there to look after them.

Konnect bus delivered the performers to the hospital door.

3 film crews and local papers turned up to capture the story

Sea Side Special Magic bus delivers the Magician into the lens of the cameras. 

The cast and dancers of the Sea Side Special show landed on hospital soil.

Camera man from ITV news setting up a shot.

I hang back with the crew while the Magician Dain Cordean gets interviewed.

After signing in all the performers and crew and making them a cuppa tea. The show high kicked off with all star singing dancing. The Sea Side Special has been running for 36 years and was started by Dick Condon who reopened the Norwich Theatre Royal and the Cromer Pier Theatre way back then.

EDP photographer capturing the people watching from all 4 levels of the hospital. The sound would have travelled to all the wards.

Floating walkways filled with people.

Nigel Hogg chatting with one of lovely nurses from the Gissing ward which he had spent 10 days getting his gall bladder removed, after years of previous pain. Only 2 weeks out of hospital and he is back at work and feeling much better.

Jo Little only 4ft 10 inches tall and she sings amazingly to everyone.

                                                  Magician Dain Cordean up to his tricks.

Lady with flowers 

A patient who had been in for a very long time, was desperate to see the show and managed to get out of bed and get hooked up to a portable unit for the trip to fun.

Up in the Gods as they would say in the theatre. Here the patients and staff boogie along to the music.

Music and the arts is fantastic for helping healing. Lifting the spirits and putting one in a positive mood. 

Family came in to help patients to see the show. Some people were having there lunch and watched and listened to the show.

Cameraman filming the fun.

They all get back on the Konect bus. 

Sea Side Special very pleased performance to the hospital

Back to Cromer Pier Theatre for whole season of shows.

Emma Jarvis the Hospital Arts Co-ordinator was very pleased with a signed SeaSide Special poster to put up in the hospital 

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