Friday, 7 February 2014

Drum for Justice Practice at Angel Road Junior school

Projected words written up by the teacher to help the children learn the drum music.

Sue is brilliant at teaching, each child is playing a different steel pan drum with notes written on the inside of the drums.

The class is mostly girls but there is boys too. 

Tracey Taylor from DGAS drum group came along and showed the children how to do the Drum for Justice theme tune.

Each drum is made from an oil drum and cut in half then the top bottom of the barrel is beaten with a hammer for days till its quite thin. Then its tuned with different notes.

The teddy on the right helps make the music.

Here is a steal pan with the different notes labelled on it.

14th February 2014 at 1pm to 2pm at The Forum in Norwich come along and join us drumming the secret drum and dancing to Break the Chain.

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