Thursday, 13 February 2014

Drum For Justice Sheets drying on the line

I painted some sheets very quickly today for Drum for Justice. I had to be quick because I seem to be juggling so many things for the Norwich rising event at the Forum between 1pm and 2pm on V-day.
Stopping domestic violence would be great. Living with violence, living next door to violence and living in the same city, village and town as violence is disturbing for everyone. The only person who doesn't seem to notice that it is happening is the violent person. They either black it out, from memory or hope no one notices. Being violent is learned behaviour and it is also depression. Getting help and medication could benefit all the people around especially women, children, sisters, aunties, granny's and babies and animals.

I find that violent people, have violent actions in there everyday life, like revving the car up with noisy, stinky exhaust for ages, shouting when speaking to drown out anyone else in the room. Throwing things down to make a thud vibrations. Constant attention seeking, wanting to dominate other peoples space. Slamming doors is a favourite.

Then there is also the nice guy/person who in public or with friends is a laugh a minute, will open the door and charm the pants off anyone and everything and then when everything is cosy the Jackal and Hyde monster appears out of no where and is up for some serious torture and pain.

Domestic violence is not only violence it effects peoples health, education, social skills, development. It also spreads into politics and high up jobs, corporations, councils and trickles down like acid rain. 
It can be stopped it is learned behaviour it can be unlearned. There is whole countries where it happens in every house hold. It has to stop and it is going to stop.

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