Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ceramic Tux penguin

Anonymous Quacker kindly said they would make ceramic TUX penguin’s. Profits from the sale of the Ceramic TUX penguin goes to refurbishing old computers for the disadvantaged. They are 7 and half inches high and 5 inches wide (19cm x 13cm) They are for sale at 105 pounds each. All the money goes to bigger memory for the old computers. The computers get completely wiped and then get Linux program put on them which is free to run and get upgrades. The person who refurbishes the computers does it completely for free. The famous artist who remains anonymous who makes the Penguins makes them for free too. The profits go to the memory upgrades or bits the computer might need. There is still lots of people out there who cant afford to buy a computer or the programs and then this can be catch 22 for getting work which is done on line now or writing CV or being computer literate for a job. I am one of those disadvantaged people and all the computers that I have had over the last ten years have been given to me. I have a hand me down Mac with Linux on and a hand me down lenovo laptop with Linux on. I don’t claim any benefits from the state but earn very little money to pay bills and the rent. I grow my food on allotment that I rent from the council. Being an artist is not easy I work day and night. When I do sell a painting the money goes back into buying more paint or paying a bill. Get in touch through my contact page on my website if you would like to buy a penguin.

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