Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Eco stop junk mail stamper

Stop junk mail has brought out a new "Stamper"! The stamper prints "Return to Sender" on envelopes that get sent to you from junk mailing companies.
I use to live in a block of 3 flats and the amount of junk mail that was delivered made it hard to open the front door. This stamper is perfect for people who live in flats.
Estate agents would benefit from a having a stamper to when they get piles of mail from a previous tenants.
Businesses would also gain from having a stamper when they get junk mail from other businesses.

The stamper is made from recycled bottles. The ink pad is replaceable too.

The stop junk mail campaign is a non-profit one stop shop for information about how to cut down on your junk mail. I help out with the campaign as I am very keen on saving trees and there Eco system.   

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