Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Norwich Rising 2013

This photo above was taken by Shelly Telly. Norwich Rising website

Every Sunday morning at 10am women and men meet outside the Forum in Norwich to rehearse a dance piece that is designed for the 14th Feb 2013 at 1pm outside the Forum. All over the world on the same dat, people will be doing the same dance to end violence against women. One billion women on the planet have been subjected to violence and we now want it to stop!
After the dance we have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and chat at the Marzano's cafe.
The event in Norwich has been organised by Shelly Telly and she has made a film trailer of us all dancing. I took a photo that is in the EDP today.
I copied the whole article by David Freezer onto my blog. but if the film isn't working click or copy link  here. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/video_dancers_brave_the_cold_to_practise_steps_as_norwich_prepares_to_take_part_in_one_billion_rising_1_1801790

Norwich Pride is still looking for people to take part
in the event, which aims to raise awareness of violence
against women and hopes to get one billion women,
and those who love them, to dance on February 14.
This is based on United Nations estimates that one
in three women on the planet – roughly one billion 
women – will be raped or violently assaulted in her
The Norwich Rising event is planned as a mass dance
at the Forum at 1pm on February 14 and organisers got
in some practise for the event on Sunday morning.
There is a campaign dance called Break the Chain
which can be watched and practised at www.norwichrising.wordpress.com/dance
Here is a Link to YouTube video
of Norwich Rising
by Shelly Telly http://www.youtube.

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