Monday, 23 June 2014

Equal lives Banner at London Parliment

Last Saturday my Equal Lives DPAC Banner that I painted for Equal Lives made it to London for the Austerity protest. Equal Lives is a a group in Norfolk that support disabled people and are against the cuts. In the back ground is West minister in London. I didn't make it to the March because I got an allergic reaction in Norwich to peoples deodorant and perfume while out drawing. There is seriously some nasty chemicals in that stuff and if I cant cope then the person wearing it most be dying too. Natural smells is perfectly ok and normal. Unfortunately once a reaction is triggered I am out cold for days on end.

Here is everyone marching up the street in London with 50,000 other people

The banner even makes it onto a famous street.

People with disabilities can be any age and can be born with it, develop it or accidentally have it. 

Good to see Norfolk Can Inspire volunteer helping out Equal Lives.

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