Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sketch back Sunday The first one

This week I been forced to tidy up my studio with all the festivities of Dandifest and everything going out of the house and then going back in no order it is now a complete mess. I thought would take a day to tidy and I am now into week 2 of tidying and will next time budget that into my arts grants. While tidying I came across some old sketches which I thought I should exhibit in my new "Sketch back Sunday" on facebook as a follow on from "Throwback Thursday" where people post there old photos of the past. My sketch back sunday seems to be favoured as it has had a few comments and lots of likes.
In this photo I drew my mothers front room when I was 16 and had moved over from Ireland to go to college in Norwich. I am now living back in the same house and the front room is one of my studio;s and the shelves are as wide as an A1 sketch book and there loaded up.

A sketch of Graham in a pub in Saltburn up north a big gang of us from college were off to a party and stopped in at a pub on the way only that we get thrown out because the landlord of the pub thought Graham was smoking something funny. He was smoking a roll up which some un educated people think are something else a bit stronger. Graham went to Leeds art college and his painting skills were amazing.

Oh my god this is a sketch that I dont remember drawing until I found it and started looking at. Its a very young Jeanie Finley and I on a college trip to Amsterdam where we carrying around a big video camera just filming what we find. We rested up in a brown cafe. I am sure we looked high and low for a brown bar to see what all the fuss was about them. Out side the cafe there is the trade mark 3 x bollards and the tall buildings and canal. Jeanie continued her filming and has directed some top documentaries since the early days. This could be 1990.

James potato Doctor Fowler has just spent a week in the fields digging his experimental spuds and come home to his lodgings with my Aunt in Cambridge. This would have been drawn in the late 80's felt tip pen and paper. I was at Yarmouth art college and went through a potato period and screen printed potato plants on t-shirts and many other potato mused things. Watch out for next weeks Sketch back Sunday.

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