Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sketch back Sunday 2nd one

 Its sketch back Sunday. Every Sunday I will be posting sketches I drew in my past. There is a lot of them. My Art school days started at 16 years old in the mid 1980's and since then I always carried a sketch book. In the photo here is artist Nicola Lane she had come over from Dublin to Norwich to visit me. We were at secondary school together in Dublin. I have a lot of writing I also found while recently tidying up my studio with the sketches and that was the started of Sketch back Sunday. I am posting them on facebook too. Drawn in pencil on paper in 1987. I sent the picture via email to Nicola Lane who I have recently got back in contact with and she said she remembers the shoes I had drawn and she bought them in London when she was over then and I had drawn them perfectly. The picture has had a battering as my art has moved around peoples sheds while I was away at college and abroad for a few decades.

This is a photo of Alexandra Dansak a musician and biker. He had found me a house to rent with my college friend Holly Lerski on Adelaide street in Norwich. This is Alex playing the electric guitar round at that house. Done in Pen and paper in 1987. Even Back then I was not into the painting still life's exclusively for the rich and more into drawing of life itself for everyone as an inclusive thing.

A pen drawing of Mousehold heath in Norwich which was the first time I had made an effort to concertedly go out and draw for drawings sake. Drawn in 1989

The same view in crayon it was mesmerising seeing so much and not knowing where to start. I just drew what jumped out at me.

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