Friday, 23 March 2007

Art detective

Today is still yesterday, as I am staying up all night doing art as usual. It’s not an easy life, being an artist, with a day job to survive.

Tonight I have been designing a new strategy for getting the nation to reuse waste material through art. Its the only way to go with Robots creating tons of rubbish that ends up in landfill minutes after its badly made and leaving us humans with few jobs on the market. We have to go back to craft and creating objects of beauty that last for centuries. I will tell you more about the strategy after I have entered it into a council landfill competition and won.

In a few hours I will be hired as Art Detective, which I’m very excited about, as my talent will be put to use. My job will be to find a valuable painting that has gone missing. I unfortunately cannot tell you where, who or what as it is under cover work, but it could be amongst thousands of paintings, so it will require a lot of viewing and dust blowing skills.

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