Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Guitar Bar

The Guitar Bar was a blurry vision I’ve had for many years and it sprang to mind when I wanted to build a funky and funktional piece of furniture. In Sydney I’ve made lots of cut-outs of waste wood, mostly in the shape of the instruments. On the cut-outs I drew or painted scenes of parties and gigs. The symbol of the guitar is a good image in my mind.

The initial design of the Guitar Bar was drawn very spontaneously. I taped together newsprints and drew a guitar as expressionate as I could. I gave each shelve a different guitar neck that sweeps round.

As the bar needs to hold all my kitchen stuff I gave it five shelves, each with a different height. The bar is about a metre high and two metres long.

My plan worked. I got the wood yard to cut sheets of wood as close to size as they could and then did the rest with a jigsaw – five times over.

To make it cosier I have put up a curtain on the side that faces my living room / workspace.

I am very proud of my Guitar Bar and have held a party in its honour. It looks really good and is perfect for so many occasions.

It’s not yet completely finished. I’m planning to inlay some guitar strings and the necks should have machine heads holding the strings in place. But at the moment I like it plain.

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Leane said...

Keep up the good work.