Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Hand made door snakes

I have lots of childhood memories about door snakes. My mother made one in the 1970's and I had a fantastic time with it. The snake had two button eyes and some weird medieval pattern on the fabric.

Last November an interior design studio kindly gave me some out of date sample fabrics and I decided to recreate the door snake, using my knowledge of snakes from the time I lived in Australia.

The snake was so successful in its retro life that my granny forced me to make more of them. Now all my relatives have one. They all live in draughty old English cottages on the north Norfolk coast, where the sea wind blows under the doors of their subsiding houses. The snakes have given my family a cosy winter.

Door Snakes are not only good draught excluders, they also have a talent for scaring unwanted guests The rest of the snakes I made are at the moment on display at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where they are being held captive a large perspex cabinet in the foyer, looking like a big cuddly snake pit. A big thank you to the hospital staff, who not only helped me putting up the exhibition, but who are also looking after the naughty creatures.

The door snakes can be your friend as well, of course. They’re not only good draught excluder's, they also have a talent for scaring unwanted guests and making good friends laugh. The snakes will be released into the wild world of civilisation in about a month’s time. If you would like to have a snake, please contact me.
Door Snakes will soon be available on a new Stop Junk Mail website which you will be able to buy using Paypal.

Tongue view of a Door Snake

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