Monday, 26 March 2007

Finding Jenny Lind

Hello everyone! My career as Art Detective has been very interesting so far. On my first day on the job I searched a giant store full of art and ancient hospital instruments for anything I could find on Jenny Lind. It was quite a difficult task as I have a phobia for syringes, beakers, anaesthetic machines, or just anything that has to do with hospitals. The place was piled up to the roof with it!

So far I’ve found out a bits and pieces about Jenny Lind. She was an opera singer from Sweden and a great fundraiser - she managed to raise enough funds to build the children's hospital here in Norwich. She was also a writer of children books. I suspect she did a lot more, so please contact me (via if you know more about the mysterious Jenny Lind. It would especially be great to have some photos. So far I have only one picture, which I’ll post some time soon.

Among all the stuff I rummaged through I also found a couple of framed photos by Rachel Ward. I studied with Rachel at Great Yarmouth Art School and the photos gave me an excuse to ring and say hello. After leaving art school she got married with children. Rachel’s photos are great and I hope she is still clicking away.

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