Thursday, 26 February 2009

Calling all Japanese people!

If you are Japanese please listen, the whole planet that is everyone stopped killing whales a long time ago, about 20 years ago. The whole planet is angry that Japan still kills whales. Your government does not tell you that the whole planet is angry with you for killing whales. You do not need to kill whales for food there is plenty of sustainable things to eat like vegetables and rice. You do not even need to eat any fish or meat. The government wants you to eat meat and fish so there is a market for it. You could save a lot of money by not eating fish or meat and save a lot of animals to.
If your country needs to make money then they should employ one artist to design another cartoon character like Hello Kitty and that would be enough business to sustain your country.
If you continue to kill whales the rest of the world will boycott your products like Hello Kitty and they will not find them cute.
I will design your country a new cartoon character if you stop killing whales and fish and turn vegetarian.
Whales are part of the planets Eco system and if you wipe them out there gone forever. The meat is just fat and you can get fat from other products that are not animals or fish.
You have less then two weeks to decide wheather you are going to kill even more whales. Please stop your country from killing whales and save your reputation.
If you don't care about the Whales or anything, then go see a councilor if means your depressed.


Bizarre Guitar Tractor Man said...

You are quite right. Killing whales nowadays is inexcusable.

I come from North Yorkshire where whaling was prevalent in the 19th century, but in Britain we got wise quick. The annoying thing is seeing large foreign factory ships taking our fish when our fishermen are going out of business. Something wrong somewhere eh?

Eloise said...

Who are these foreign Factory ships? Doesnt sound very nice. Is there any sea border in which the foreign fisherman cannot enter. Yes I have friends that are very small fisherman and in order to fish they had to get bigger boats which defeats the object of being a small fisherman, which is all they want to be.
apparently Japan only started whaling in 1942 because of the 2nd world war. So it is not something they have always done. The whaling they are doing now is suppose to be for scientific purposes but there is no scientific research on whales. They are about to change the law in two weeks or less to catch them for food and more of them. They also say there is more whales then there really is.