Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saint Patrick's day cards

Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, as far as America. In the picture Saint Patrick is going through customs in America and getting his pass port checked and sniffer dog checking out the car, with snakes teasing the dog in the back.
The saying driving the snakes out of Ireland always puzzled me as a kid growing up in Ireland as the country is an Island and the out of Ireland would be a ferry to Hollyhead in Wales or Liverpool in UK or one to Scotland or one all the way to America.
When I was growing up in Ireland the only holiday makers were American and they dressed over the top in green suits and were always expecting a fantasy country with fairy's etc. What they got was something different which gave them shock and there bubble burst.
I have created 11 Saint Patrick's day cards and was going to sell them to a company that might want them. but now I have discovered Red Bubble which prints all my work on cards, t-shirts, etc and sends it to the buyer. Which leaves me loads of time to paint and not have to walk around big city's with a heavy portfolio or going by foot to shops trying to sell the cards.
Red bubble have solved all my problems in one go. If it all works out I might be able to save up enough pennies to go out to Indonesia later this year to help out with Tsunami people and forest people who have been made homeless by are ever increasing demand for toilet paper which is there trees. Please buy recycled toilet paper or use water.
More cards will go on Red bubble later on but for now you can buy the Saint Patrick driving one.
If you would like to buy the original painting before it is turned into cards please do get in contact. I have had it revalued for £7,000,000,000.00

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