Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hand 'n' hand costumes

Lust in Space 2001, Hand 'n' hand floor shows at the Horden Pavilion were the bees knees, for taking costumes to an extreme level of rarity.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the costume designers for the shows, a long with Marty Jay and Kath Ellis, Zio and many other talented designer/makers.

This was the year we went mirror ball crazy and had the biggest mirror ball on the planet on the stage. All up to 60 dancers were covered in mirrors and in a spacey futuristic costumes. The lead here wore a costume made by Mat from New Zealand who made all the wonderful Xena Warrior Princess costumes. Kath Ellis made the staff for the costume. I am wearing a toy soldier outfit I made for a number for occasions.

In our little costume gang we set a deal of always make the costumes to perfection so they can be used again. We sewed right up until the last minute. By the time we made our own costume for the party we had 30 minutes. I made a toy solder jacket out of glittering green car upholstery to go with my costume. Which I don't have a photo of.

The whole party was put on for Acon who were fund raising for HIV awareness. The party's were the must brilliant array of colour and costume. Everywhere 1000's of people were a performance as well as the main stage shows and little performances and dancing and rooms with different ambience's of music and laughter.

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