Friday, 12 June 2009

Art Money for sale

Art money the great new way to buy things from somewhere to stay or to use part payment for goods. Art money started in Copenhagen in Denmark by Lars Kraemmer an Danish Artist and has won awards for the art money concept.
While banks are still struggling and collapsing this is a great new way of exchange especially for unsupported artists like me that have 0 income.
I spent several months working out a stain proof material and a concept for my artmoney and also have new concepts to do once the first ones sales. The art money is valued at 27 euros, you can then spend it for that value anywhere in the world where you can tell them about the concept or places that already accept the artmoney. On the website there is a list of company's that accept art money already.
I made 40 pieces of artmoney and gave one to the artmoney company as a payment for enrolling.
Now I just have to sit back and wait and see what happens and maybe make more art money to use in the UK. I have a serial number now to make it valid as one art money.
Art money is fantastic, don't hesitate to join in and support this great concept.

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