Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Unveiling Persepolis animation

At the weekend I lay in bed recovering from Children's art workshops at the hospital open day.
The hospital open day is the only one in the world, no other hospital has an open day. Patients and staff and there family's attend. It is a good idea because I have found that I only go to the same areas of the hospital and never see other parts, so there for don't know my way around. Also good for staff bringing in there children to show them where they work and to show off the hospital arts project. Lots of Rabbits were painted by the children. The Rabbit was designed by Alex Johansen in Glasgow and sent down to Norfolk to be reproduced in plaster. They will be placed in the grounds of the hospital and one of them will win a competition.

While lying in bed I watched a DVD called "Persepolis" it was a fantastic animation made by an Iranian lady Marjane Satrapi. It was mostly made by hand as in artists drawing millions of pictures, which looks so much better then computer animations.
Here is a clip from the movie, but I do say get it out from a rental DVD place or your local library or buy it and watch it all.
It certainly gives an insight to silly fashion laws made by stupid men, with pea brains.
Wear what you want dont let the facists get you down. If you think someone is going to steal your wife. Then have it out with the someone not your wife. But also women are not dollys and no one owns us, we are born free. This film also gives a history of Iran, over the last 5 decades.

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