Sunday, 14 June 2009

A star child is born

Photo taken by Rhalou Allerhand of The Alien.

The craft has landed here in Norfolk. Tonight I watched Kingdom the TV series round at Emma's House as I don't own a TV, which might sound primitive and crazy, but being an artist takes up all my time and I don't have a 2nd to watch the box. But made a special effort tonight as I was in the Kingdom series starring as an Alien freak. I knitted this costume especially for my part in the show. I broke all the show biz rules, which include never upstage the lead and wear plain boring clothes, usually something dark. Low and behold I didn't end up on the cutting room floor this time and got in a scene with Norfolk's hero Stephen Fry and my hero from Tiswas children's programme and many radio shows Sandi Toksvig.
I was very impressed by the colour and delight of the show this week, making it very entertaining to watch and pleased that they managed to solve the corn circle.
Not all corn circles can be solved as also in the film was Norfolk's UFO expert Mick Hardy and he is a real investigator and does find some circles beyond human ability. But has to cut through hundreds of cirles to find a legitimate one.
Meeting real aliens one would think of as some excitement in life to find out there is more to the planet then us humans and animals but for friends in Norfolk who do see aliens it is a burden to there life and they are constantly pestered by the Aliens. Then once your in the know it is impossible to tell anyone because everyone thinks that your raving mad. So the best outlet for being an alien victim is to write a book.
I was very pleased with my knitted alien as I am not a professional knitter and cannot read knitting patterns. It was just one of those visions in the middle of the night and then going to all the wool shops to find a ball of wool in the right colour, then shear determination and focus hoping for the best.
I have since knitted quite a few commissions. Get in touch if you would like a knitted something.
I will warn you now that I don't charge slave labour prices for knitting and designing. It takes 24 hours to hand Knit an alien.


Larry Buttrose said...

Wow, handknitted aliens... you have created an entirely new niche in the extraterrestrial craft market there Eloise - and congrats on what sounds like a fab stint on the telly. -Lx

Eloise O'Hare said...

Thanks Larry,
Just finished knitting a famous Star that will be going on a World tour in a stage show.
My tiny Universe has just expanded.