Thursday, 11 June 2009

SOS Amazon rainforest

The Indigenous people in the Amazon need our help right now, they were peacefully trying to save the forest from destruction of oil and mining etc company's wiping it out. When the police were ordered to wipe out the indigenous people and the police murdered 43 indigenous people in one morning. The megalomaniac leader of Peru does not see the rainforest's as something that is important for the planet as a whole.
Please help in anyway you can. Here is a link to the real news.
Prince Charles is also calling for help to save forests around the world. This can be by creating alternative sustainable businesses that would create jobs. I mean sustainable by something that grows back again. Like willow, bamboo, cornstarch plastic. Rainforest's don't grow back they are replaced with acidic mono culture plants that kill off every living creature and become a noxious weed. Sign a petition on his site.
Another great thing to do is give up eating cows and dairy products, as this is another product used to replace rainforest's. Eating cows and dairy products is linked to cancer and illnesses. Have ago at giving them up for a fortnight and see your own health improve dramatically.

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