Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mother collects her prize

Saint Benedict's street fair today, the sun shone its face and we ventured down the cobblestone streets to the fair. There was happiness and music in the air. People sitting outside cafes and clothes racks on the the street and homemade arty assortments stalls. Everyone was smiling and saying hello. It was like walking into another dimension in Norwich, where usually gloom and doom of medieval city hangs with consumerist loom.
After cruising round the 4 churches that were now opening with art and crafts, one of them dedicated to knitting. We headed over to the Ship of fools shop where I still had to claim my prize for best dressed costume from the Warhol rejects party that was held at Take 5 crypt bar weeks before. The flaunted through the racks wondering which dress would best suit my opening day at the hospital children's unit. It was dicing up between conservative formative to just been my wacky arty self. My Son (Alister) gave a big friendly hello and then recognised his old mother from the party. He was very helpful in hints of what to wear. As we were chatting we were rudely interrupted by the police saying the fair was over and the clothes racks had to come in off the street. This was when the sun was peaking and the atmosphere of the fair was in full swing. I stood outside as my son was taking in the clothes racks and shop dummy's with his helpful friends. The last rack was the shoes my feet started to tingle as they came across a wonderful pair of modern day Japanese style shoes with pink rope straps. This was my prize a pair of shoes to match my Japanese/Chinese twin piece that I had made and was pleading out for matching shoes.
My Son took a photo of the prize winner and we chatted to all his friends on the street. They were all heading over to the Birdcage pub for some Bloody Marys and invited us along but due to my heavy paint work load I had to decline and head home up the cobblestones. As we waved good bye, we were nearly run over by one big enormous Tesco's truck that scrapped the sides of the medieval streets to pass through. So the realisation as to why are streets are not closed to traffic entered my head. All for the multi national smelly over sized trucks for the big shop that kills off local business. Then another truck passed again on another small street up on Pottergate nearly taking me off my bike.
When I become Mayor of this City the first thing I am going to do is Ban Tesco's monsters from being here. Please start the boycott today, why support a shop that treats it costumers, staff and farmers badly and shop at lovely local friendly shops.

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Eloise O'Hare said...

Just heard from a friend today that Tesco have opened another shop with no staff in it, just a self serve counter. They have designed the shop so it doesn't look like a tesco shop. So people don't realise there in a tesco shop. There prises are also 3 times more then the original local shop that was there a week before.
Yet another reason not to shop at them. They have now become a robot that controls are lives, if they are not even staffed with humans.
If you can try not to shop in any supermarkets. Shop local.