Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Church of stop shopping

While I was writing about St Benedict's fair day I came across, The Church of Stop Shopping with Rev. Billy. I am so pleased I found him and he came and exorcised Norwich supermarkets too only a while ago. Since finding him on You tube I had to look at all his films. I know what he is saying and a real believer. If I ever decide to get married and be a slave wife, I will be using the Rev. Billy at my ceremony.
The Rev. Billy tries his hardest to break the brain washing mould that capitalism has turned us into. You can really feel how bad society is as he gets locked up in jail every time he goes out preaching to people that they should shop local to maintain there local community's.
I have felt the pain of supermarkets and mass chains since I left art school. Like I make my self a nice outfit to go out in and then the chain clothes shop fashion designers that forced to come up with 300 designs a day for there sweat shoppers, nick my design and put it in all the shops, what leg do I have to stand on, in today's world. Even when I pitch an idea to company in the hope of getting work they sell it to a bigger company and don't even bother getting back to me, with a penny for my thought.
I can make high quality original clothes from my living room, but how on earth can I compete with supermarkets, when the fabric I buy by the yard costs more then suit, you can buy off the hanger in a chain shop. My hours put it into the outfit would mean I would get paid less then a sweat shopper in China or Indonesia.
So you can see that most local shops that are still open because they love there shop are actually funding the rent through another job and staying open for our benefit and a gift to the city. They are not open to make mass profits. They could make more profit to cover there rent if we shopped at them instead of supermarkets.
What is the point in traveling or going on holiday, when every city in the world looks exactly the same with the same shops in.
I have a friend who was an accountant for chain shops, he said that a shop owner opens one shop he loves it and looks over it and sits down the back answering staff problems and changing the little things and fixing the machines that break and changing the light bulbs etc. He then thinks I will open the same shop in the nearest city because this one is so good. But then he opens another shop and cant have the time to completely be there for either shop so he drives back and forth, then he opens 10 more shops in other city's. Now he is going slightly bonkers trying to do the accounts for the shops and solve all the problems in all the shops. He has to drive around to check them all. A few of them the staff are not turning up things are going wrong. Then he decides it to get an account to do all the accounts for all the chains. But still the account visits all the shops and notices that the standards of each shop varies and there in there is still only the first shop that the guy opened that is the one that does well. The rest of the chain is weaker.
Then the crazy business standard that has been going on for decades. Open a big business get lots of loans etc. Keep it going for for a year then go bust the business is so big the government writes the dept off. Then the business person opens another big business and does the same again over and over. While doing this the business kills off all the little businesses in the area. So when the big business goes burst the neighbourhood looks like a run down ghost town with no local shops to buy necessity's.
So these big businesses that not only ruin are life are a complete con. It is horrible to live ones life being completely conned. It would be much better to live a life where you know your neighbours are there for you and going look out for you.
Robert says I have gone on quite a bit on this subject, but someone has to do it. Best out then in.
Dont forget to visit the Church of Stop Shopping.

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