Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sponsor a picture frame.

This is very exciting time of my life. I have an exhibition organised for the first week in September in a very posh gallery in London, next door to the Tate Gallery. The gallery kindly gave me the space for free for a week. The excitement nearly gave me a heart attack. My friend Deb Frith from Oz who is over on holiday in the UK. Came all the way from London to sort out a decade of my work for a whole day and night. She was over whelmed by the amount of exciting original work and felt she was in a sweat shop, as I pulled more and more work out to show her. Then at the end of the day we discovered I would need a lot of work framed. Deb rang the picture framers and it will cost thousands of pounds and the show being only 4 weeks away, it is a dilemma. Then we came up with an idea of sponsor a picture frame. So if you fancy sponsoring a picture frame or donating a few pounds towards a picture frame please do. I will also send you an invite to the private view which is going to have a leading band at the opening night and very famous Art stars. I have to do all the publicity myself so spread the word it will the first week in September. If you are in London and want to see the real Britain come a long and see my show. Details will be published when I have made a poster in the next week.

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