Thursday, 9 July 2009

Complements Hospital Arts Project Norfolk and Norwich New Children's Unit

Written comments, complements and news articles so far on the New artistic Children's Ward.
I have left out names just in case they didn't want to be published on blog.

This is amazing work. You will have to begin doing public lectures and going around colleges :-)

Good on you girl - the pics look great. Nonetheless I hope never to have to use the facilities!

I love the eel and the lighthouse – they look really brilliant and functional too. Many congratulations! On Saturday we went on an East Anglian Writers’ outing to Ely and discovered that it got its name from ‘Eel Island’. So it’s all EELS this week-end.

It looks just incredible Eloise.

Well done to you and all of you!

Your work looks brilliant! The colours work very well and you must be really pleased.

A huge thank you for all of your work for the Jenny Lind Children’s Department.

This is so beautiful, hard to describe in words. Very cheerful and happy as well as thought provoking from a child's point of view.

Very elegant as well.

beautiful !

ZapDiddlyOoooBoppaZshxxakattAmmmMmmazing work Ella!

Brilliant! I love it. Well done Eloise. I hope you gets lots of recognition for it as well as making all those ill children happy - or at least distracting them.

what a brilliant piece of work you have done for the children, congratulations.

Well done Eloise, this is how art should be used and you have done a fantastic job, not just the ideas but the drive and execution.

Go Ella x x x x

This is just dazzling and wonderful work Eloise. Such inspiration and skill, coupled with such commitment and compassion. Congratulations from us

amazing can you come to Australia and do the new wing at the Melbourne women's hospital children's wing?
very nice work i am impressed

well done Eloise, this looks great.

Very stunning. Wish I was a child when I have to go to the hospital.

brill work Eloise , that will bring loads of smiles

congrat's !!!!can't wait to see it

Wonderful news all around

What Eloise has done at the hospital is great and deserves lots of clapping and cheering. Well done Eloise!

Great Job Ella!!!!!
Very Impressed.

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Trust
EDP newspaper

Nice! the two links below to great big articles on the children's unit have disappeared never to seen again not even in the papers archives. I thought by adding these links I would be documenting something great in history. Well it seems not will have scrap book the old way and contact the papers for a couple of back issues of the real paper and scan them.

Evening news double page spread

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