Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Join Ecotricity now !

Elections tomorrow for Norwich North and the Green party have a good chance of getting in. It is very important to vote for the Green Party as there needs to be a huge push for Green Issues.
In Leonora an area of Australia, Uranium mining is about to start happening. This is something the locals would not not want and the rest of the planet does not need more of as once its out of the ground and used for energy there is no real way of disposing it. It will just float around in the oceans and land in your vege patch on any part of the planet. If you see how quickly pig flu spreads then just imagine how quickly Uranium waste gets around. Also in Australia The shooters party are trying to pass a bill to shoot all Australian native animals in the forests. How crazy is that, when there people like the RSPCA trying to save animals. We need Green people in powerful positions to help make changes and fight to hold on to rainforest's and promote Green energy.
I joined Ecotricity several years ago they match other local electric companies bills, so your not paying any more for your electricity bill by joining them. Then they spend the whole bill on reinvesting in alternative energy for electricity. They mostly build Windmills and also are trying to develop other forms of electricity. They also have developed an Eco car here in Norfolk.
Before I joined Ecotricity I rang every electric company in the country to see what they were doing for alternative green energy and every single one them said they were doing nothing. I got very honest telephone assistant. They all said they would would rather be working for a green energy company and told me to start one. But after lots of research I found Ecotricity, so there is little point in me starting my own alternative energy company when they is already one out there doing a very good job.
Windmills are nothing new they use to be all over the landscape grinding grains and pumping water. We just need to go back to the old way. If I had a big building to power I would certainly get a wind mill and solar panels.
In Sydney there is a whole area that has a rule to have every house decked out with solar panels.
25 years ago when I was in Saudi Arabia which is an oil country, they had already been decked out with solar panels. I even saw them on public telephone boxes.
Join Ecotricity today as you contribution to the planet and vote green in every election.

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