Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Today was spent at the hospital doing a consultation with all the Hospital staff about the hospital arts project in the Children's ward. All the artists including me put there work out on all the tables for the staff to say yes or no to all the work that will be put up. There was positive feedback about my amazing console table and giant dolls house and wooden toys, but the rocking sea creatures might have to be left out as they might hurt other children while rocking. Health and safety seems to rule the roost at the hospital. The staffs input was great they helped redesign some toys to make them even more safer.

Emma had all her paint colours, floor tiles, curtains, chairs, cabinet colours all along one table. There were a couple of lads with amazing designs for the pillars in the restaurant area.
Lisa with her beach drawings that she will be doing with the children on the walls.
Bright coloured broads and beach paintings of Hannah's. Hospital arts volunteers helping the staff choose things from catalogues.

On the tables opposite me was Kate Green and her amazing sea life illustrations.
Here is pictures of her beautiful work.

The Children's ward nearly has all the funds to get the clean bill of health but is short of a few bob, to complete the project. Please donate funds to Emma Jarvis at the Hospital she said any donation is welcome. The whole ward gets completely done up in exactly one month and will be done in one day. Because they of the enormous up heaval in moving all the sick children to where ever they can find space. The art and toys are beneficial to helping bringing the children back to good health and the hospital arts project is run completely on charitable funds.

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