Monday, 9 March 2009

It will be you one day. part 2

More activity pictures of what I got up to in the retirement home. This is the start of the Norwich Cathedral Lantern making. As you can see it did not require a table. I decided to use old electrical wire to join the old cane blind as this process has a bit of weaving in it which is easier then using masking tape and the heat of the home made the tape come off.

This is a painting done of Norwich. The painting was very big so everyone could work on it. They really enjoyed this one and new people to the home totally related to it and admired the picture. The self esteem of the people there lifted enormously after this was finished and the picture was talked about amongst the residence.

Flower pot painting. Also a winner and I took the pots round to every single person even the bed ridden to plant the magic sun flower seeds and bought a little watering can. They loved this one because they could smell the soil and get a little dirty and watch them grow. The plants grew inside till they were to tall to fit in the window then they were transplanted to big pots in the court yard. Then as the weather got warmer they took it in turns to water the plants. Walking outside sometimes was quite difficult when they have been indoors all winter. So I helped them make every step to the plants. After they had been out they looked like they had been for a walk on the beach all full of life and colour int here cheeks. The plants could be seen from there windows and grew so tall they could have been entered into the tallest sunflower competition.

Paper aeroplanes made for the 1940s party. Each one was cut out and coloured in and hung from the ceilings throughout the home.

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