Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Flaming hot

All the flames that have been happening in Australia made me want to write something, in prevention of flames. Australian airports should have large warning signs telling tourists the do's and do not's of Australia or even a 30 minute introduction lecture at the airports and ports. Like even telling people not to touch the barrier reef, not to drop litter or cigarette buts and to be nice to every creature and person.
Houses in the bush should made underground. 
Teenagers should have more contact with adults using community festivals as a point of contact. At the festival the teenagers and the whole community should all have a responsibility to make the festival happen. The adults can then pass on knowledge to the younger generation like fire safety and ways of having fun that builds the community instead of destroying it.
Fire safety tips.
1. Soak a wool blanket in water and cover self with blanket if there is no way out. 
2. Roll person on fire in nearest wool rug. Not man made fibers, they may melt.
3. Not to use block type double adapters in electric socket as they become heavy and when half stuck in they ark and make a flame.
4. Try not to stack video tapes next to TV and other players or near heat.
5. When cleaning the oven with chemical cleaners, make sure oven is well rinsed before turning it on.
6. To have all fire alarms working in home.
7. To learn the art of climbing up and down a single rope.
8. To have a turn off after use sign next to gas fire place.
9. To Have fire blanket next to cooker.
10. To unplug computers, telephones, during lightning storm. 
11. When having a fire outside to make sure the ashes are completely wet before leaving the fire unattended. Fires can travels underground burning roots.
12. Making sure electric leads from hand held tools are behind you and lead rests on the back of hand, so if it was to cause shock it will fly backwards instead of round the wrists. No one must be standing behind you when using the tools.
13. Hot oil spill, remove clothing, quickly wipe the oil off with dry cloth and immerse in running water for over twenty minutes.
14. Hot water, remove clothing and immerse in cold water for over 20 minutes.
 15. Hot oil pan fire. Smother with fire blanket or damp well squeezed cotton cloth tea towel.
Hold corners turned towards you and raise high to cover in one go.
16. Garlic skin placed over burns or cuts with dry dressing can help speed up healing. 
17. Cuts, tape cut together as neat as possible and keep dry. 
That's about all I can think of, any other tips you may think of write in the comments box. 

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