Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Junk buster launch

This week Stop Junk Mail have launched a new website that will solve all your problems in one go and reduce landfill. One of these problems is Telephone directory's, Yellow pages, Junk mail, Thomson, Royal mail opt out, etc. This neat piece of technology was designed by Robert Rijkhoff and 149 development. Just one button and you have saved many trees from there death.
People use the web to look up numbers and don't want there limited well earned rented or mortgaged homes clogged up with directory's. How many directory's end up a soggy mess on doorsteps and don't even get looked at and how many hallways end up with piles of unwanted junk mail. How many businesses get junk mail printed in there thousands to save a few penny's and don't even use it and how many scammers send out junk mail to rip people off. All a waste of time and money and trees.
If you are thinking of starting a business the best thing you can do is get in touch with an artist and get everything you need made to top quality standards and then the business will sell it self.
Another good way of marketing is sponsor a performer or festival.
Click here to go straight to Junkbuster.

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