Friday, 20 March 2009

Broken Key in lock

A few days ago I broke a key in Roberts bike lock, which would have meant getting someone over to the house to try and cut the lock off. It was a brand new giant lock so thick it would take a week to cut off. I had things to do I didn't want to be wasting time sorting this one out. So my frontal lobe started working. I got out tweezers and pliers and tried to pick it out. This was not working because it had a little door that automatically kept spring closing. Then inspiration came and I got some metal craft glue and mixed it and put a very tiny bit on the inside of the tweezers, then put tweezers onto the end of the key in the lock and pressed the tweezers together. The glue had an hour to set so I put masking tape around the tweezers to clamp them together, then left it alone for an hour and came back and pulled the tweezers out and the key came with it. I undone the tape then the tweezers separated from key and rubbed the glue of tweezers. So all was saved.

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