Friday, 3 April 2009

17 trillion under there beds

I have been busy illustrating a children's book and entering art competitions and figuring out the children's ward furniture and making art money, helping with website design, trying to stay in a   system, baking cakes, cooking meals, washing and doing my rubbish jobs. In the middle of this intense hive of creativity and G-force whirlwind life. I get other creative unique ideas that come out that a triggered by a sequence of things and old thoughts.
 So the question that ponders peoples minds is what happened to all the cash in the world in one day, last year. 
Well my thoughts are that all the baby boomers (post war baby's) all retired a week before they started there pottery class. 
The baby boomers all held managerial and top job positions in company's. In there working life's they have climbed the ladder and controlled how the whole work life and money system works. They were all due very large pension pay outs. They have never done anything but there jobs so have little interest in anything. They are bored with all there toys like cars, houses, gadgets and investing on the stock market. They took out all there cash and lump sum pension and took it home in a suitcase and put it under there beds. Then went and sat and watched the television and forgot they put it there. 

The way the world works is changing all the time anyway and I imagine that the cars going out of business is like the end of the horse and cart. There will be something else to replace it and hopefully this time it will be safer and not polluting.

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