Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Piggy market

This little piggy Teresa made her own costume round at my house for the jumping the fence float. She made it all the way to Taiwan as I found out later she was in a magazine over there. This photo is from the Mardi Gras magazine. I hired a photographer but something went wrong with sorting out copy's of photos with everyone. Contact William if you want photos.

Mardi Gras Sydney 2000 Lambsy lesso's and the woolly woofters jumping the fence float. Photo taken by William Smith. I am an ozzie kelpy dog in this one, spent months making the costumes and ended up with a full farm yard with farmer family and truck. Marilyn did the make up. Kath kelped with props, and everyone helped decorate the float. Lyn helped sort it all out and it was for a counseling hot line.

I just did a weener bit of research on the net to find out more about swine flu. First check was surgical masks, sold out completely and be a week before they can be imported.
The pharmaceutical industry due to the global economic change of thought, has a depletion in sales. So share holders are a bit annoyed, so what might they do.
Create a big porky lie, to sell loads of vaccines and disposable plastic stuff.
This is not the first time we had this sort global consumer shift. Everyone fell for the 1999-2000 invisible bug. Which I made a survival suit for and bought a couple bottles of water with the few dollars I had, but other people spent thousands on bottled water and many other things.
So the pharmaceutical company's have just won over tourism and travel industry.
Personally I don't really like the idea of being vaccinated against swine flu by being given a bit of swine flu.
I am sure the pharmaceutical company's now want to burn me at the stake, like they have always done to Women, who said there hair growing lotions, didn't work. Back in the old days.
I wish they would stop all these health scares as people begin to believe they have it and then get it, from believing they got it.
All this money on plastic disposable masks etc, could have been spent on other more important causes.
List of scares in the last few years, foot and mouth, mad cow disease, 1999-2000, Tb from poor little badgers, bird flu. Seal flu.
Majority are to do with mass factory farming. The way of solving this is to stop eating meat.
Strange I just over heard someone saying that keeping a pig in there backyard as a sign of poverty and dirty living conditions. I would say living next to an enormous factory farm, dirty living conditions. Norfolk I am sure has lots of factory farms so were living in dirty unethical living conditions.
The site I linked is 2005 old news, new news is Norfolk pig farmers have won recent awards for keeping there pigs happy. Well thats a blissing.
Unfortunate that mass panic has started happening and some countrys are slaughtering all there pigs and some are moving there piggys out to the countryside away from citys.
A good place to put a pig is back is in the woods, where they are happy. Pigs would make a good pesticide and fertilizer if they lived on friut farms and ate windfall fruit before it rots. They dont like a lot of sun.
Found a webby with abandoned pig food processing farm photos. Great photos.

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