Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The army

The army are coming back to from Iraq, ha ray for the Iraq's who have less foreign occupationers to have to put up with. I wish Iraq peace and happiness and hope.
I am not going to wave a flag and go and meet the army and go well done. I don't think it is a good idea to boost there egos as it will only strengthen there believe that what they did was right.
Also there minds will be completely sycopathic. They will have come back from slaughtering 10s of 1000's people. 
The first thing there going to do on arrival is get really drunk and go clubbing in our peaceful county. A few drinks will trigger all  there bad memory's then they will become emotional and either cry or start a fight.   
One would hope they get counseling and have some sort of rehabilitation for what they have been through so that they can fit back into society and lead a normal peaceful life with out recurring nightmares and mental health problems.
There are plenty of great jobs to create after being in the army. My Granddad made films and organised a big Festival of Britain, my other Grandad started the Edinburgh festival. There skills at running large theatres of war were put to better use. 
One of my best friends in the UK, when she came out of the RAF, she went to art school and then got a job at the best animation studios and now makes her own award winning pottery.
So hand out the peace flowers this week all round to army and give them hope of a great happy future. 

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