Monday, 20 April 2009

Blogging Norfolk 2009

Wow! I am truly honoured to be accepted as a writer by the BBC and the Writers centre Norwich and the arts council for this unbelievable amazing collaboration to put Norfolk bloggers on the map. I can feel an enormous overwhelment that is going to bring on writers block. Its like being watched by your boss suddenly I have forgotten what to write about.
This reminds me of an idea had for a public sculpture I want to put in Norfolk, because there are so many writers hidden away in the woods, writing away through the night alone, night after night. Then when they finish there book there brought out into the daylight to meet the public in a book shop and sign there name over and over and again on the inside cover.
So getting out is hard for a writer as the pen and solitude keeps them in there own imaginary world. but occasionally they stumble across writers block on able to drum up a few words or tap into the imagination.
My idea for a Norfolk public sculpture would be a writers block "big white concrete block". Writers then can come out and sit on the writers block for reflection and inspiration and write a few words on the block, to get them back into writing again.

I better write about whats been happening in Norfolk today. I been listening to future radio all day. The fringe festival was mentioned with all the acts, performances, bands, shows happening. Quite a lot is going on St Gregory's art centre in Pottergate.
Also Art on the railings is on again this year at St.Peter mancroft church. Come along and buy some art, become a collector of local artists work. Collecting art work is going to become a national thing this year. As in you don't have to go to London to collect artist work, you can collect it from an artist here in Norwich, added bonus there is one right here on line with her paintings for sale have a browse through my past pages or look at my website.
I have decided today I am going to Indonesia this year to help Kath Ellis build something huge from bamboo, it is a voluntary job for a month creating an arts festival. All I need is my fare and food and my rent paid for here, plus take 5 other Norfolk artists with me. Fundraising starts from today, any painting sales go towards getting there in October.
I have hundreds more pictures at home if a buyer wants to see more then whats on line.

All day I have been painting an illustration for a collaboration in Mumbai India. It was one of those pictures where I impressed myself and patted myself on my sore hunch back.
Tomorrow I will go out to the front pavement to photograph the illustration, where I usually draw a crowd. The neighbours come up behind me when I am just in focus to take the picture.
They are all fascinated with my artwork and want to know why I am doing each picture.

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