Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Finding the shelve within book by Jane Smith

If you have read my previous blobbys, you will have discovered that I have built and designed and painted and upholstered my own wacky functional furniture to make my studio, come dining room, breakfast bar, kitchen, sitting room like a ship or the inside of the yellow submarine.
After I organized my inner space, which was once turmoil, my outside space started to work. My first visitor to my new order gave me a job as furniture designer for the new decked out with art children's ward at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for the arts project. The work has been challenging drawing proper plan drawings up for Acre Joinery to make up into reality. 
Now my inside world and outside work world is sorted, what more would I need to be a normal human being. The world outside our world, the spiritual world.
While I was working day and night struggling at time to get the drawings perfect, so all the furniture and toys can be built by the joiners and plans read by everyone and a model from the plans. There was someone looking over me, making sure everything goes right. I managed to drum up out of the spiritual world the Goddess of shelves called Jane Smith. Goddess Jane made contact with me through the modern day contact port to everyone facebook. She made friends with me and I realised we had a lot in common. She had answers to all my questions of kipple. (Kipple is the dark matter of our physical realm. In other words unsorted junk and turmoil.
Then one of Jane's Devotees Larry Buttrose asked me to join her fan club and ran a competition to win Jane's book Finding the shelve within. So I gave it go and answered the questions and sent them over to her Temple (cave in Australia). 
After the weekend I had an email saying I had won her book and autographed by Jane Smith.
A week later the book came vira snail mail and I read it from cover to cover, loving every bit of the book, the illustrations photos are state of the art and the words are all wisdom to my ears.
Now I am spiritually enlightened by home improvements having read Jane's book. I feel I want to reach out to other people who suffer from clutter and turmoil. The book sits on my mantle piece and completely blends with my whole interior. I plan to make a little bag for the book to take it out to show people. 
Do you need help with decluttering unwanted junk mail and directory's all in one go. Stop Junk Mail has all the answers.
Do you need blissare functional shelves designed by me and blissed by Goddess Jane Smith, just get in contact. 


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