Sunday, 5 April 2009

Snakes and Sweetie bags now in an unline shop.

The new Junk Buster website is now up and running and in full swing people all over the country are opting out of all the paper in large volumes that gets delivered to the door. This service was designed and set up by my Robert for love not for money. Love of trees, rainforest's, animals, Eco systems and making people happy. The problem of large volumes of unwanted paper has bewildered people for over 3 decades. If you added up all the paper that comes through your door for over 3 decades that is several rainforest's and a lot of trees.
Robert decided to have an Eco shop attached to the site to sell peoples Eco goods so far he is selling Stop junk mail stickers for your door and envelope re-use gummed labels. Also he has set up a separate shop for my Eco goods.  The door snakes and plastic bag holders. 


Larry said...

All strength to Robert's arm Eloise!

Eloise O'Hare said...

Thanks Larry! A lot of brain muscle was used to set up the Junkbuster system.