Friday, 24 April 2009

Swamped blog #BlogNor09

We caught the last one. By Eloise O'Hare 2007

Blogging Norfolk and I got put on the Map, I didn't realise I had to name a place to be put on the map. I thought as I am living in Norwich, I would be put on in the Norwich area. I got pinned to the map out in a swamp between Great Yarmouth and Burgh Castle. It took me hours too find me out there in the deep dark cyberspace. But now pleased I found myself and really pleased I am near a castle and the Norfolk broads and the sea, maybe I should move there.
While looking for me, I found lots of other bloggers and discovered bloggers that I already know in person, but didn't know they were secret bloggers too.
I think the general feeling of going on blogging Norfolk is that we have been outed of the blogging closet. The other great thing is seeing everyones side of Norfolk and seeing we go a lot in common as well as living in the same area and seeing so many great things that are happening. 


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