Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Snot Pie

This lovely pie I invented when I was a naughty teenager to feed my cousins who were also naughty teenagers, one of them was dating a young male chef and he was coming over to meet the family. Its packed full of green vegetables and has a spinach pastry and cheesey sauce dribbling out.  The pie worked a treat my cousin married the chef, he loved the pie.
I made the pie a again for the new generation of cousins and they weren't so impressed.
Letting your kids muck around in the kitchen is the only way there going to eat there greens. 
There is masses of kids cook books out there, handed down family recipes are the best and if your from Norfolk, you have funded Delia Smith's Norwich city football club, by having every copy of Delia's cook books, over the last 4 decades. Delia has got an even newer cookbook out to give the club and extra boost. 
There is also a lovely old Brownies cookbook at on line book sellers

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