Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter day

White fluffy Bunny. Painted in batic on canvas
Easter egg Hunt!

Chocolate egg on the lawn.

Today is a day of peace,  its Easter day. This is the day Jesus must of woken up from being in a coma for 3 days or something like that I have no idea what the actually dates and times are. He was lucky to have survived foreign occupation of the Romans and a whole heap of torture from them. 2000 years on have we learnt peace from Jesus making Roman brutality know to the world for 2000 years through his well published book called the Bible and cults that all worship him and recite the book and try and live by his preachings of peace.
This week we morn the death of an innocent bystander newspaper seller on his way home from work who was killed by Police brutality at a peaceful protest march in London. From the footage that has now come forward. Everyone in the crowd at the peaceful protest cared about the man and wanted to help him, apart from the attackers who armed and wearing protective clothing, trained to kill and were all so suppose to protect the general population. They gave no help to the man and lied to cover up what they had done. Due to mobile phones having camera and videos there is nowhere for these men to hide or lie. Every angle of the fatal blow is covered by the world press which is everyone. 
When I live in the UK, any reports about the police are always negative and they are portrayed as very dangerous people, they put telephone books on people and bash them so they have no evidence of being bashed as the book stops the bruising. Also just bash away with out the telephone book. 
Even more deep rooted in the police force is creating crime. They create it very early on, when a lad is about to become a teenager and does a naughty things that teenagers would do, this is the start of being in the police system. This kid will grow up to be in and out of jail, weather he does anything bad or not he will be the one the police decide is going to be the one they can pin any crime to.
As you can imagine there is a lot of people who don't want a police record. Like politicians kids etc.
Kids are kids and even a politicians kid will do something that might involve the law, but this would have to be covered up, so the kid wont get a record, so he can go to Uni and become a upper middle class free citizen. So who gets the blame, the kid that had nothing to do with the crime but already has a record. 
If you have ever watched the film the Shaw shank redemption, in this film the lead has just entered the prison and gets to talk to an inmate and the he tells the inmate I am innocent. The inmate says were all innocent in here.
Right now in British prisons there is over crowding. Is this due to the upper middle classes behaving even more bad then usual, during the boom time when they were drinking more champagne.
Do we really need the same police system we have always had here or should some changes be made.
What are they useful for. Car accidents, they are useful for that, so the traffic cops can stay. 
Giving directions to people in town. Stopping traffic or directing traffic.
As for protests, festivals, patrolling streets, do they need to be there. This week the local police were on the local radio with there own show with music and there police stuff they mentioned that it is a good idea to report a bike if stolen because every now again they raid a bike thief and there is only a hand full of bike thief's in Norfolk and they know them very well.
Right so they know that Barry is going to go into town everyday and steal a bike.
Barry can also strip a bike down and rebuild it. Barry knows all about bikes.
If Barry is so skilled at fixing and building bikes. Why don't we give Barry a bike repair shop and pay Barry to fix our bikes, instead of him being a criminal, he could be very useful citizen.
If we did that there would be no use for bike police, lawyers, prisons, judges. 
So if you have just woken up and thought what am I doing in the police bruit force, hand in your notice and take up a creative healing pursuit. Like pottery or gardening or chocolate egg making.
This is just my opinion, I am sure everyone has different opinions as were all different.
Must get back to painting pretty pictures.

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