Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Turtle pencil holder

As an artist I will use all these pencils in one night and sharpen them again. I like Hb pencils, but in the end it doesn't matter what thickness the lead is. The hand, mood, brain does all the work to make the picture turn out. Pencils are nearly one pound each in price. Its an expensive business this art business. A computer programme that would have all the drawing tools would cost me thousands.
I made a whole family of these turtles they carry all my materials on the table.
Turtles are paper mache.
day 2 illustrating with two hours sleep. About to have another coffee. My work has been seen in China this week. Does it mean I can officially call myself an International Artist and not a local one.
The hospital has gone into emergency pig stations. Hold ya breath. Pigs are genetically 96 percent human. Humans have been murdering piggys for a long time the last few decades they have been locked up in confined conditions for breeding to eat. Pig revenge is on its way. Or is it because the whole world feeds pigs, the same product pig meal with a strange idea of a balanced diet. When they are more refined then that they like truffles and fresh organic vegetables and cheese and wine in France. In Ireland they like parachute mushrooms, watercress, shamrock and woodland fairies.

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