Saturday, 18 April 2009

Blobbing Norfolk

I treat my blob, like an open book with no brief or formula or label or time, chapters and so on. So that it leaves it open for anything to be written or any pictures put on it. I have had one spell checker in Oz called Zio, who checked me words while I was living in Oz, and being a cook, the general public always told me I spelt things wrong on the black board, for me to put right. Robert was my editor for quite a while, but got to busy with more important work. So for quite a while I been writing with out help so please excuse my bad grammar, spelling, English, opinions and do comment, if you spot something spelt wrung, etc.
Crikey! So the BBC are going to put Norfolk blobs on the Map for blogging Norfolk 2009.
 I don't know what the locals are going to say about this, we all know that people living outside Norfolk doesn't know exactly where Norfolk is and were all happy with that. It isn't a discrimitrary thing, its stems far back when trading stopped happening on the waterways and then the only way out of here to trade with other people elsewhere was on a little road. So spreading ya wings can only happen if you have wings and feathers. Norfolk is like an isolated island with in an island. To get a touring band here we have to beg and bribe them to play here. Its just that little bit far off the beaten track that makes us a little bit out of touch.  

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