Thursday, 23 April 2009

Barbie Weather #blognor09

There is always a few vegetarians at a barbie or more. Here is the answer to all your problems, marinated tofu and veges kebabs with peanut satay sauce and rice or bread

Buy hard tofu from a greeny grocer shop. cut into cubes put on stick with random big cube veges and whole mushrooms. Marinate over night in fresh grated ginger, garlic, chili sauce, dash of sesame sauce, oil, tamari. 
Fry onions, chili, garlic in pan, then cool and mix in a blender with peanuts and coconut milk or yogurt and a dash of water to make smooth. 
Put the vege and the barbie the next day till slightly charred and reheat the peanut sauce and make some rice or toast some pitta bread.
Linconshire sausages are also great for the barbie and just a slab of tofu.
My old favourite is potatoes in the ashes of the fire and once cooked a spaghetti squash whole and then cut it in halve after cooked and eat with a fork. In Oz I have a friend who can bake cakes on a barbie. So its up to the imagination and practise.
Another favourite is witches teeth a corn on the cob on the barbie.
I am working on my vego cook book, just need more time and hands to illustrate. 

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