Thursday, 23 April 2009

Eco Norwich #BlogNor09

My first attempt on making normal bread look like fruit, experimenting with different herbs and spices. Kiwi turned out well with dried parsley coating, oranges and Mandarins were spot on with a turmeric coating. Just need to work on the banana and going to use blended spinach for the apples next time and make the bread have the fruit flavors adding zest. 

Norwich is so green that people can grow plants from the tips of there fingers. Its all greening off this week. Its the Queens birthday today and Prince Charles her son and heir as brought out a book called Harmony, the Prince says were all loosing touch with nature.  Well I am looking forward to having a greener future when Charles becomes King. Maybe he should be King now, to speed things up a bit. 
Sandringham gardens should be open for the summer, they grow a lot of produce at Sandringham and are turning organic with a percentage of organic produce.
Norwich has several organic shops, the Green Grocers, the Greenhouse trust shop, Anna's farm shop, Rainbow and the main city markets, where stall holders are out right through the winter selling vegetables, when it is freezing.
The Veg shop on Gloucester street, Fred & Yarham veg shop is my nearest veg shop and they have plants and small trees. I have a big blueberry bush now, which can grow up to 6 ft. They also have paper bags and fish.
There is also a new little coffee shop on the corner across the road, so you could if smart, give a list of veges you want to the veg shop and butchers and bakers then go and have a coffee at the cafe and pick it all up when you have read the paper.
There is also quite a few organic delivery services in Norwich. 
I like fresh herbs so I always have a kitchen garden on the window ledges of Rosemary, oregano, sage, coriander, mint and chives. I would like my wild strawberry's to spread this year so I have composted around them and live in hope. 
End of summer I get baskets of windfalls from my Mum and its apple pie season. With flour from Letheringsett flour water mill. 
Last summer I went on a big bike ride with friends out to find the oldest tree in the Uk a Hawthorn at Heffal. Instead we found buckets of blackberries and Lotus car factory. At the moment I got wind that there is a wind energy fast car being made there by a team of experts.
Ecotricity are on to it, the power company that reinvests in green energy and matches the bill with other power company's. Norfolk is a good spot for windmills being flat and coastal.
This summer I plan to go out walking in Norfolk and take with me a book I have just been lent by a friend called "Free for All" a wild plants as a source of food book. I will then have ago at cooking with nature.
Wild oats for breakfast!
Outside there changing the street lamps one would hope there going to make them solar. I wonder if a sensor system would work. a light switch for pedestrians to turn on the street lights when walking home in the dark or as you walk past the light or drive past the next light gets turned on. Just ideas.
I ride my bike everywhere and take it on the train. I have two bikes an inner city posing bike with big basket and a country rides one with gears.
I could rabble on all day about all the Eco things in Norfolk. I got my green party posters this week from my local green councilor. They want to go for sending one of our green councilors to Europe so voting Green is a good idea this year.
All Norfolk needs now is lots of funding to start up more Eco enterprises, that could create more jobs. I have lists of ideas if your stuck for one.
Must get back to making my art money to send off to Denmark. That's another story will tell you later.
Keep reading my blog today I have put out a new blog page every hour as a Norfolk Spring special show and tell. 


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