Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Boooby Bread

I am up all night again, painting illustrations and made some bread. A winning shaped bread or does it get the Booby prize. I am thinking now do I go all the way and find a really big oven and bake a full lady and gent.
Pigs can fly as we are finding out the pig flu that is actually a human, pig and onion strain of flu. Has Spread globally and does stem from a pig farm that breeds billions of pigs a year, an American company that also does not deal with the pig manure problem. The locals have complained about the fly's for years from the pig manure poo lagoons.
So yet again this mass farming has backfired on its self. When is the world going to wake up to being a vegetarian and giving up on this piggery.
In Norwich every house hold is allowed to have a few pigs in there back yard. Which I discovered on the deeds to my parents house. It was not long ago when people had pigs in there back yard. Even Dennis the Menace had a pig called Rasher in the Beano comic.
Pigs are really handy for eating all your vegetable and poo waste, but they still like to eat a lot and need insects and things to forage on all year. My garden would love a pig, it has lots of trees and weeds or old fashioned edible foods. But sadly a lot of peoples gardens are lawned and concrete slabbed and potted up with inedible plants or houses have extended into the garden. The outside use to be more important then the inside of the house.
My friend Rebecca and her family in Ireland are successfully having a few free range pigs a year in there wild garden and they have plenty of hams and salami.
Organic free range farming should be top of the list on the governments new system of getting teenagers jobs.
Anyway the pig strain is still unknown of how it spreads, so maybe we can't wash are hands of this one.
If you need a fancy washable mask to wear for piggy plague. Just send me a message.
County council in Norwich has decided to have a nature conservation around it which they think might come from not mowing the lawn all summer. Very strange thinking, it might need quite a lot more then unmowed lawn. Like removing the lawn and planting wild native seeds and hundred years of no human activity.

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