Thursday, 9 April 2009

more unline arty groups

"A. arty women Puppeteers" is a group I set up on facebook. It now has 25 very enthusiastic female makers and puppeteers. They leave amazing photos and messages. I wont got into a lenghty history of how I got into puppets.

Another group I set up is "Women cartoonists", I still haven't got around to putting the A. arty which I was hoping would put the group at the top of groups page. 
This one has 28 members so far and from looking at the membership there is only a few women there but it has attracted people looking for cartoonists, so that's only a good thing and one of those people has contacted me for a collaboration of a childrens book. 
I set this group up because of difficulty I have of entering the world of political cartooning. I managed to get published in VN magazine in Holland, for a while but they have now cut there cartoonists which helped sell there magazine. The nice thing about cartoons is if your completely unable to read or write you can still work out a cartoon. 25 percent of the UK adults is illiterate. So there is still a market for the cartoons. I started doing cartoons as a way of putting my humour on paper and illustrating the things that people brush under the carpet. Anyway this is a great group to join if your a budding cartoonist or publisher.

The last group I created that has a very high membership of 79 is "Artists that draw live performances". This was out of complete curiosity as I have been drawing live performances for years and never come across anyone who does the same. The group was also inspired by sketches I had done of Jont and his unlit tour to Norwich, that put me back on the road to drawing bands after a lull period. 
Jont commissioned me to do more drawings, which I wont let on till I get the launch date of what they were for as it would ruin the surprise.
The group is made up of fans of artists that draw live performances and a few artist have uploaded there drawings, which is nice. One artist has up loaded nude drawings which I hesitate to think what sort of performance they were drawing.

Oww almost forgot I set up another group not really art related but artists worked there and the food and coffee was of the finest artistic and tasty standards. The Badde Manors Cafe group. This has 57 members and is growing. The messages are about food and service. Its not that active but it is nice to stay in contact with old staff. 

I have a few few more groups I would like to set up in the future. 

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