Friday, 24 April 2009

Emergency! Crayfish and sewage Norfolk!

Shit Cleaning Products by Eloise O'Hare 2007

Animal rights activists. By Eloise O'Hare 2007

Emergency news alert to everyone living Norfolk. Please switch to using ecover products or ecoballs for washing and cleaning your house. The normal chemical products and washing powders are effecting all the waterways and killing off all nature. Norfolk is the only place in the world with English crayfish and there habitat the waterways is getting clogged up by all the shit we put down the drain. If we use eco-products maybe there could be a chance of reusing are sewage to put on the land as fertiliser.
If the waterways is effected by are cleaning products imagine what the sea is like.
This is a real emergency please switch today. If you live in the countryside please build a composting toilet too. As more people move to Norfolk or come here over the summer the sewage farms are not able to cope, so please help by doing something. It is up to the individual to make this change don't wait for the government, there not likely to do anything about it as there not a green party there a pre-historic party from another planet, that is only concerned about there own pocket linings.
You can get green ecover products from your local greeny type shops.
Also beware of all the chemical sprays such of perfume, underarm stuff, creams, shampoo's that you put on your body they also get washed down the drain when you have a shower, bath. Have you checked out what is in them, things like bits of plastic, not a nice thing to put on your body never mind killing off halve the planet with them. I am begging you on behalf of all the animals in Norfolk. 

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