Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Chippalatas

I was flicking through someones Norwich festival guide, snubbing my nose at all the seriously and boring theatre and music on a whole snobby personal perception of I would much rather see a show with local people in and people I know. When low and behold I came across the Chipolata's that are performing at the theatre Royal in Norwich.  I made costumes for them at Bradford festival and then bumped into them again in Sydney and at Woodford festival. There the Best British Talent around and they can entertain the whole family of all ages. Roll up roll up get your family tickets. 
I even have the Chipolatas CD and use to sing along to it with my housemates. If you want a good laugh to start off your summer of giggles, the chips are it.
Hi Chipolatas, come over for a knees up and backward summersault vault in the air, when you get here. Great to see you guys again.

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